"I have 11 years’ experience in counseling post licensure with a diverse population of clients. My main focus in therapy is with adults but I do see children in a family therapy setting. I have 5 years’ experience working with dual-diagnosis and addiction patients in a residential treatment facility. I am trained in EMDR, which is a research supported therapeutic approach to address issues of Trauma, Abuse, Acute Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). EMDR provides a way for people to free themselves from the destructive memories of all types of trauma or events that produce debilitating anxiety. 

I have experience working with geriatric clients who suffered from a wide verity of cognitive disorders as well as helping them overcome a range of psychological and emotional issues. While being skilled in many therapeutic approaches such as; Faith Based, SFBT, CBT, DBT, REBT and Systems Theory, I will integrate multiple techniques to individualize and enhance outcomes according to my clients’ needs. I believe in the care of the whole person; Mind, Body and Spirit. When people are searching for answers in the midst of pain and suffering, I seek to help them regain a sense of hope and purpose for their life."
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